Military Flying/ Low Flying Training Areas

Military flying/ low flying training areas allow aircraft to fly at low altitude, to prepare their aircrew, and other military personnel (e.g. air defence troops), for nap-of-the-earth flying in wartime. The aircraft types can include advanced trainers, ground-attack aircraft, transports and helicopters. Some countries have sufficiently large military reservations for such training procedures, to take place without affecting the civilian population. In smaller countries, such as in Europe, there can be tension between the military and the local population - mainly caused by noise pollution.


One of the most "popular" military flying/ low flying training areas in Europe are the GLV-5 "Oirschot Heide" near Eindhoven (Netherlands), the LFA-7 in Wales, as well as the Rainbow Canyon, better known as the Star Wars Canyon, at the Death Valley, in the United States of America.