Nato Tiger Meet 2016, Zaragoza/ Spain

From Monday the 16th till Friday the 27th May 2016, Zaragoza AFB, Homeof Ala 15, was hosting the annual Nato Tiger Meet Exercise. It was supposed to be the largest Tiger Meet Exercise, ever held. Participating units were as follows:

Spain: Ala 15 from Zaragoza with 6x F-18 Hornet, Esc. 142 from Albacete with 6x Eurofighter Typhoon; Germany: NATO from Geilenkirchen with 2x Awacs E-3A Sentry, TaktLwG-74 from Neuburg a.d Donau with 8x Eurofighter Typhoon; France: Flotille 11F from Landivisau with 6x Rafale M, ECE01.030 from Mont-de-Marsan with 4x Mirage 2000D, Flotille 4F fromLann-Bihoué with 1x E-2C Hawkey, as well as 3RHC from Étain-Rouvres with 2x SA.342M Gazelle; Greece: 335 Mira from Araxos with 4x F-16 Fighting Falcon; Belgium: 31st Smaldeel from Kleine-Brogel with 8x F-16 Fighting Falcon; Italy: 21° Gruppo from Grazzanise with 2x AB-212ICO; Hungary: 59/1 Squadron from Kecskemét with 5x JAS-39 Gripen; Netherlands: 334th Squadron from Eindhoven with 1x KDC-10 Dutch Extender as well as 2x F-16 Fighting Falcon from 313th Squadron based at Volkel; Norway: 6x F-16 Fighting Falcon from 338Skv. based at Ørland; Poland: 6x F-16 Fighting Falcon from 6.ELT based at Poznan; Czech Republic: 4x JAS-39 Gripen from 211Tl. based at Cáslav as well as  2x Mil Mi-24 Hind and 1x Mil Mi-17 Hip from 221 LtBVr., based at Námest; Switzerland: 5x F-18 Hornet from Fliegerstaffel 11 at Meiringen; Turkey: 5x F-16 Fighting Falcon from 192 Filo, based at Balikesir and finally from the United Kingdom, 2x Puma HC.2 from 230th Squadron at RAF Benson.

There also had been some weekend visitor from Italy and Portugal; 6x Eurofighter Typhoon from 12° Gruppo at Gioia del Colle, as well as 2x F-16 Fighting Falcon from Esquadra 301, based at Monte Real.