Finally I made it. 2016 saw a few "first visits"; one of them was the Slovak International Air Fest at Sliac, as well. A well organized, typical eastern europe airshow.

Sliac AFB is home of Zmiešané letecké krídlo divided into three units: 1. Bojová letka operating the MiG-29(AS/ UBS) Fulcrum, 2. Výcviková letka operating the Aero L-39(CM/ ZAM) Albatros as well as Vyhl'adávacia A Záchranná Sluzba, operating the Mil Mi-17(M).

Beside the locally based Fulcrums, one of the main highlights were two MiG-21 Lancer from the Romanian Air Force, as well as two Suchoi Su-27 Flanker from the Ukrainian Air Force; one each in the Static and the Flying Display.