Exercise Frisian Flag 2015

From Monday the 13th till Friday the 24th April 2015, exercise Frisian Flag was held at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Base Leeuwarden (EHLW).  Foreign Participants during the 2015 editon were: 6x F-16AM Falcon from 10.elt based at Lask (EPLK), 10x EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon from TLG-31 "Boelcke" based at Nörvenich (ETNN), 6x EF-18M Hornet from Ala 12, based at Madrid/Torrejón (LETO), 6x F-18C Hornet from HävLLv 31., based at Kuopio/Rissala (EFKU) as well as 6x F-15C Eagle from 159th FS/ 125th FW, Florida ANG, based at Jacksonville Intl. (KJAX) and 6x F-15C Eagle from 123rd FS/ 142nd FW, Oregon ANG, based at Portland/Intl (KPDX). (Both ANG Units were deployed to Europe as part of Atlantic Resolve.)

The first participants already arrived on Tuesday the 31st March (3x F-15 Eagle OR ANG, 3x F-15 Eagle FL ANG) and Wednesday the 01st April 2015 (3x F-15 Eagle OR ANG, 3x F-15 Eagle FL ANG), as well as 9x EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon from TLG-31 on Thursday the 09th April 2015. The main arrival day nevertheless was Friday the 10th April.

The second Theater Security Package (TSP) consisting of twelve F-15C Eagle fighter aircraft arrived at Leeuwarden Air Base, Netherlands, March 31 through April 1, marking the beginning of their six-month deployment to Europe.The 125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard, Jacksonsville, Fla., leads this first ANG theater security package to deploy in support of "Operation Atlantic Resolve". The aircraft and Airmen are based out of units in Florida, Oregon, California, Massachusetts and various bases throughout Europe. Regardless of their origin, together, they make up the 159th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron.The F-15's from the Florida and Oregon Air National Guard are deployed to Europe as the first ever ANG TSP here. These F-15's will conduct training alongside NATO allies to strengthen interoperability and to demonstrate U.S. commitment to the security and stability of Europe.