RNLAF F-16's sold to Jordan

As the Royal Netherlands Air Force is currently in the middle of it's progress, to convert from the aging F-16 Fighting Falcon, to the 5th generation fighter, Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, the decision was made, to get rid off 12x jets till the end of 2017, by selling them to the Jordanian Air Force. (3x F-16BM + 9x F-16AM Fighting Falcon)


The first batch of six departed on the 25th October 2017, consisting of F-16BM, 236 (ex. J-884), F-16AM, 247 (ex. J-199), 248 (ex. J-145), 244 (ex. J-873), 243 (ex. J-872) and 240 (ex. J-638), followed by the second batch of six on the 29th November 2017, consisting of F-16BM, 237 (ex. J-208), F16AM , 241 (ex. J-868), 245 (ex. J-876), 250 (ex. J-510), 239 (ex. J-637), 238 (ex. J-623). The final three aircraft departed on the 14th December 2017, consisting of F-16AM, 242 (ex. J-870), 246 (ex. J-193) and last but not least 249 (ex. J-057). All flights departed via an intermediate stop at USAFE Aviano (Italy), to their new home.