Omani Royal Flight Boeing 747 on Checkflight

On Friday the 19th December 2014, ORF1, Boeing 747-430, A4O-OMN paid a very rare visit to Cologne Bonn. The aircraft was on a Check Flight out of Hamburg; routing HAM-HAJ-CGN-HAJ-HAM. Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball on that day. 

First Visit of Armée de l'Air A-400M to Cologne

On Saturday the 09th August 2014, CTM2014, Airbus A-400M, 0008/ F-RBAB from ET01.061, temporarily operated by CEAM, paid a visit to MoD Wing Cologne Bonn (Flugbereitschaft BMVg), marking the first ever landing of a fully operational Airbus A-400M at Cologne.