Canadian Hornets at Spangdahlem 01-05-2014

On Thursday the 01st May 2014, seven CF-188 Hornet from 425th Squadron/ 3rd Wing, based at CFB Bagotville, Que. (CYBG), paid a visit to US Air Force Base Spangdahlem (ETAD), enroute from Keflavik (BIKF), for their temporarily deployment to Câmpia Turzii/ Romania (LRCT), to support the ongoing Air Policing Activities, to prevent further escalation at the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. Those were the winning numbers:

188734, cn 249-A198, CF-188, 188756, cn 388-A325, CF-188, 188758, cn 401-A334, CF-188, 188771, cn 498-A412, CF-188, 188782, cn 562-A469, CF-188, 188788, cn 599-A506, CF-188, 188791, cn 621-A524, CF-188.


Three of them had been some very familiar examples (188756, 188758 and 188782) for the "older generation", cause they'd been part of 439th Squadron, based at Baden-Söllingen (Baden Württemberg) till at least March, 1993.

They were supported by two Airbus CC-150 Polaris, 15004 (CFC3831) and 15005 (CFC3830), as well by a Challenger Cl.604, 144618 (CFC3000).