Real Classic Boeing 707 at Frankfurt International Airport

On Sunday the 05th February 2017, a "real" Boeing 707 arrived at Frankfurt International Airport. It departed Israel in the early morning hours, and finally arrived at approx. 1700lcl at Frankfurt, after a short intermediate stop at Manching-Ingolstadt (ETSI). Using callsign IAF014, Boeing KC-707 Re'em, 272 from 120th Squadron based at Nevatim Airbase (LLNV), departed around 1030lcl to Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina (KCHS), on Monday the 06th February 2017.

Omani Royal Flight Boeing 747 on Checkflight

On Friday the 19th December 2014, ORF1, Boeing 747-430, A4O-OMN paid a very rare visit to Cologne Bonn. The aircraft was on a Check Flight out of Hamburg; routing HAM-HAJ-CGN-HAJ-HAM. Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball on that day. 

First Visit of Armée de l'Air A-400M to Cologne

On Saturday the 09th August 2014, CTM2014, Airbus A-400M, 0008/ F-RBAB from ET01.061, temporarily operated by CEAM, paid a visit to MoD Wing Cologne Bonn (Flugbereitschaft BMVg), marking the first ever landing of a fully operational Airbus A-400M at Cologne.

Canadian Hornets at Spangdahlem 01-05-2014

On Thursday the 01st May 2014, seven CF-188 Hornet from 425th Squadron/ 3rd Wing, based at CFB Bagotville, Que. (CYBG), paid a visit to US Air Force Base Spangdahlem (ETAD), enroute from Keflavik (BIKF), for their temporarily deployment to Câmpia Turzii/ Romania (LRCT), to support the ongoing Air Policing Activities, to prevent further escalation at the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. Those were the winning numbers:

188734, cn 249-A198, CF-188, 188756, cn 388-A325, CF-188, 188758, cn 401-A334, CF-188, 188771, cn 498-A412, CF-188, 188782, cn 562-A469, CF-188, 188788, cn 599-A506, CF-188, 188791, cn 621-A524, CF-188.


Three of them had been some very familiar examples (188756, 188758 and 188782) for the "older generation", cause they'd been part of 439th Squadron, based at Baden-Söllingen (Baden Württemberg) till at least March, 1993.

They were supported by two Airbus CC-150 Polaris, 15004 (CFC3831) and 15005 (CFC3830), as well by a Challenger Cl.604, 144618 (CFC3000).

"Air Force One" at Ramstein Air Base 30-03-2014

On Saturday the 30th March 2014, POTUS Obama was on it's way back to the US. Being in Den Hague for the 2014 Nuclear Summit on Monday and Tuesday, he left via Brussels (Wednesday) to Rome (Thursday), and finished it's journey in Riyadh, where he was meeting King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, on Friday.
Surprisingly  he made an almost unexpected fuelstop at the US Air Force Base Ramstein (near Kaiserslautern), on Saturday around 1430Lt., before he continued it's flight back to
Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility (KADW), Maryland!

Wittmund 13-03-2013: Last Rhino's back to Retro

All remaining German Air Force F-4 Phantom II were scheduled to be phinally retired by the end of June 2013; reason enough to present at least four Phantoms in a "special livery". On Wednesday the 13th March 2013, I had the opportunity to catch two of them; F-4F Phantom 38+10 in Norm 72 Livery and F-4F Phantom 38+33 in Norm 81 Livery; on their way from Wittmund to Neuburg a.d. Donau for the Commanders Change of JG-74. It was one of the many opportunities to catch those two beauties, but it was the best, wheather wise.