Kyrgyzstan Government Tupolev Tu-154M visiting Brussels International

Prior to the MSC - Munich Security Conference 2017, held in Munich between the 17th and 19 February 2017, the defense minister of Kyrgyzstan visited the IS Meeting at Brussels on the 16th February 2017. Tupolev Tu-154M, EX-00001 (former registration EX-85762), arrived on the 15th, and was photographed during it's departed on the 17th February 2017, out of Brussels International airport.

Japanese Air Force 1 and 2 at Brussels Airport

On Tuesday the 06th May 2014, Boeing 747-47C, 20-1101 (Japanese Air Force 1) and 20-1102 (Japanese Air Force 2) from 701 Hikotai/ Tokubetsu Koku Yusodai (Special AirLift Group), based at Chitose (Japan), made an unexpected visit to Brussels. Both aircraft arrived in the early afternoon at the military part of Brussels Airport; Brussels Melsbroek.

Additionally, Airbus A330-243MRTT, 1301 from the United Arab Emirates Air Force arrived in the early morning for a night stop, heading back home.

Kleine-Brogel Nightshooting 12-12-2013

On December 12th, a small group of about ten international photographers had the opportunity to have a meet and greet at the Belgian Air Force Base Kleine-Brogel (EBBL). Luckily I was able to join this group, to have my first Sunset-/ Nightshooting. Our main goal was to capture the three resident special coloured F-16AM/ F-16BM Fighting Falcon: FA110 "spec. c/s 70 years 349th Sm.", FB24 "spec. c/s 25 years OCU" and FA106 "spec. c/s NTM tail.

Starting at around 1530lt., we first had the opportunity to take some nice shots of FA110 and FB24 during sunset (FA106 later made a very short appearance, on it's way to Maintenance, as well), while finishing with a almost perfect "blue hour".