TLP 05.2014 at Albacete

On Thursday the 02nd October 2014, we departed Cologne Bonn in the early morning hours to be at Albacete/ Spain, on time for the daily TLP Course Briefing. Airbus A-310MRTT, 10+25 was scheduled to participate as an external asset, on Thursday and Friday of the third TLP week.

At around 1400lt, we launched the TLP Mission as a weather ship; a lot of thunderstorms were expected in the area, as well as at Albacete, during the afternoon. The weather conditions remained quite good during the mission, but unfortuntely only 7 of at least 14 expected receivers where able to make it on Thursday.

Friday, 03rd October 2014

On Friday we were scheduled for the Air Refuelling at the LED97, a reserved airspace approx 30NM from LEAB. One of our first receiver had been Panavia Tornado ECR, 46+44  from TaktLwG-51 "Immelmann", based at Schleswig-Jagel, followed by 2x Eurofighter EF-2000, 30+98 and 31+01, both from TaktLwG-31 "Boelcke", based at Nörvenich.

Beside the German Air Force participants (during the AAR Mission: 2x Panavia Tornado ECR and 2x EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon) we also were tasked to refuel some international participants: 1x F-18 Hornet from Switzerland, 2x Eurofighter Typhoon from Italy as well as 4x Eurofighter Typhoon from Spain. All in all two successful missions for COFFIT40.