Air Refuelling during TLP02.2014, 27-03-2014

On Thursday the 27th March 2014, I was able to eyewitness the TLP02.2014 activity out of Albacete (Spain), from another point of view. On board of COFFIT20 (Airbus A-310MRTT), we arrived at LED97 (Reserved airspace approx 30NM from LEAB) at around 1400Lt. with the first receiver to arrive approx. 15min's later. All in all we have had 13 different receiver within 45/ 60mins of AAR.

Rafale C, 139/ 113-GR from EC01.007, Rafale C, 126/ 118-GE from EC02.030, Rafale M, 38 from Flotille 12F, Rafale M, 33 from Flotille 11F, Mirage 2000C, 121/ 115-KN and 85/ 115-LK, both from EC02.005, Mirage 2000D, 654/ 133-ID and 661/ 133-XI from EC03.003, Mirage 2000N, 364/ 125-BB from EC02.004, Eurofighter EF-2000, C.16-35/ 11-15 and C.16-36/ 11-16 from Ala 11 and last but not least EF-18M Hornet, C.15-26/ 15-13 (tiger tail) and C.15-64/ 15-34 from Ala 15.